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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday 9: Cowboy Cassanova

This is for all the country music fans out there

1) The singer tries to warn her friend against a neighborhood Lothario. Do you advise your friends when it comes to love? Or do you stay out of it? It depends on which friend it is and what the actual situation is.

2) This song is about the hot guy "leaning up against the record machine." Does your favorite restaurant or bar still have a juke box? My favorite bars back home do.

3) Carrie is an American Idol winner. Have you ever gone online or picked up the phone and voted for a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, American Idol or any similar show? I used to be a loyal American Idol fan, but I haven't watched it since the season Jordin Sparks won (I had her picked from the beginning!) And to be honest, it just wouldn't be the same for me to watch it now because Paula, Simon and Randy were a good judging combo to me.

4) Carrie graduated magna cum laude and majored in journalism, yet instead of being a reporter, she's a country music superstar. How similar are your life/career today to the way you envisioned them when you were 21? *sigh* No where near it!

5) Carrie also competed in beauty pageants and was a runner up for Miss NSU (Northeastern State University). If you were a contestant in a pageant, what would you do for the talent competition? I don't know...maybe play violin?

6) This December, Carrie is scheduled to star in a televised remake of The Sound of Music. Do you have any year-end plans? Not as of yet.

7) She is married to NHL player Mike Fisher, center for the Nashville Predators. What's your favorite professional sports team? The Pittsburgh Steelers

8) Hockey is a tough game! Do you currently have an owie or an ouchie or a boo-boo that requires a bandaid? Nope!

9) Summer brings a lot of power outages and brown outs. Do you have a flashlight? If so, have you checked the batteries? I have a flashlight app on my iPhone :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

Leslyn's Lovely Life

My pick for this Tuesday is in honor of my younger brother, Jacob, who moved into his college dorm yesterday. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh). My mom and I nicked named this song as his a while back because he's always telling us "Hey! Listen to what I'm saying."

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee Social ~ Jacob Moves to Maryville

The Move to America

Molly @ The Move to America had this lovely idea to do a Coffee Themed Blog Hop on Mondays to talk about plans for the week ahead and things you'd like to accomplish. If you'd like to join in the fun, just click the banner above :)

Good Morning, Bleeps! 

I missed doing the Monday Morning Coffee Social last week because I was at my Aunt Lynn's house in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania and I didn't have my laptop with me. I could have posted from my iPhone, but I hate how my phone posts come out looking like they were formatted by a five year old. 

I am starting this week at my parents' house in Kingsport, Tennessee. Today is a very big day around here because we are moving my younger brother down to his college dorm. He is the youngest child, so as you can imagine... my mother is an emotional wreck.

I will probably travel home either tomorrow or Wednesday. As for the rest of the week, I don't have any concrete plans. I know my niece and nephews will more than likely want to stay with me a night or two since this is the last week of summer vacation. We all return to school next Monday, August 19th. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Life, Love & Relationships: What are your thoughts?

Okay Bleeps, I'm about to get deep. Deep in thought or deep in $h!t. I guess it depends on how you look at it.

Before I open this can of worms, I should mention that I am currently single and have been for quite some time. At this point in my life, the single life works for me. I believe a relationship would be too much of a distraction right now. I'm a full time college student and my main focus is to finish school and graduate so I can have a brighter future.

Over the last decade, I have been in a few relationships myself. I have also been witness to the beginning and the end of several different relationships between friends, classmates and co-workers. Although I have taken several different lessons from my own relationships and others, there is one fact that has remained the same in each one - Love is never easy. It is the one thing that can consume your every thought, make you question even the littlest of things, tear you to shreds and rock you to your core. I can honestly say that my point of view has changed over the last decade. The things I have experienced and witnessed, good and bad, have helped me come to several conclusions as far as relationships in general are concerned.

The first thing that I've concluded is that it is possible to have feelings for more than one person at the same time. Your feelings for one particular person may be stronger than they are for anyone else, or they may not be. Having feelings for more than one person does not make you a bad person, it makes you human.

The next thing I've concluded is that every person that has ever been in a relationship has thought about cheating on their partner at least once. This kinda ties to my first conclusion, because if you have feelings for someone other than who you're with, you're naturally going to wonder what it would be like to be with them. This is also kind of a grey area, because not everyone has the same definition of what cheating is. Some people consider the mere thought of wanting to be with someone other than their partner as cheating. Personally, I think that's just a little too insecure.

Jealousy and insecurity are not attractive traits at all. Pair them with a lack of trust in your partner, and you have a recipe for a disastrous relationship. Like I said before, Love is never easy. But, sometimes I believe you just have to pick and choose your battles.

So, bleeps, I'm a bit curious. What is your definition of cheating? Do you think it's possible to have feelings for more than one person? Or is that itself cheating? Leave me a comment ant let me know, or drop me an email if you prefer for it to be more private. Either way, please let's be respectful towards one another because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Sunday Stealing: Meme 325

Something that’s holding you back from achieving your dreams: Having to finish school
Something you think you could win an award for: My creativity. 
Something you fear more than anything: Dying young.
Something you wish people would understand: Life is too short to be focusing on the petty shit.
Something that keeps you going everyday: Melodie, Zachary and Bryson
Something amazing that happened last summer: I moved into my apartment and met my very sweet landlord.
Something you hate that people say: "Ain't nothing I can do about it" Bull$h!t....there's always something you can do! Most people spout that out as an excuse because they don't want to do anything.
Something you refuse to pay money for: Parking. 
Something you wish you could have told that person that you never saw again: I love you and I'm sorry. I thought we had more time.
Something that really stands out about last year: Losing my friend, Holly.
Something you like that everyone else thinks is weird: Lime-Cucumber Gatorade
Something you do when you’re trying to calm down: Breathe deeply, listen to music.
Something you do when you wake up at three AM: Check my phone. 
Something amazing that’s happened this year: I went back to college.
Something you love doing on cold rainy days: Curling up in bed and watching movies.
Something you listen to when you’re in a really good mood: The Fast 6 Soundtrack.
Something that irritates you more than anything: Tardiness.
Something you’re addicted to/can’t stop doing: Candy Crush Saga.
Something that really stands out about you: My outgoing and overly friendly personality.
Something about you that’s like everyone else: I like music... everyone likes music, right?
Something that makes you change the channel: Commercials.
Something you think about every night before you go to sleep: My future.
Something that you don’t think will ever change about you: My kind heart.
Something about you that you think will soon change: The fact that I keep giving people chance after chance.
Something that broke your heart as a child: Losing my Grandma. 
Something that really sparks your interest: Computers
Something that truly disgusts you: Child Molesters.
Something the opposite gender has complimented you on: My eyes.

Indestructible Desire Blog Tour ~ Hosted By: Scandalous Book Blog

I've signed up to participate in Scandalous Book Blog's Indestructible Desire Blog Tour, and I am beyond thrilled to be able to share parts of this amazing book with all of you this weekend!

My Review:
I tell you what, Danielle Jamie sure does know how to write a sex scene! Lol I can't read any chapters out of the Savannah books, especially this one, without needing a good dose of sex myself afterward. ;o)

Indestructible Desire is the best out of the series yet, and I'm so happy to hear there will be a fourth book. Danielle Jamie has such a way with words that I honestly feel as though Savannah and Kayden are real people that I've known for years. So, grab yourself a copy. I promise you won't be disappointed!

After going through a terrifying ordeal. Savannah has to try and overcome the tragic events that rocked her soul to the very core. With Kayden by her side Savannah tries to piece her life back together. Feeling betrayed, she finds herself struggling to move on with her now fragile life.

Plagued with nightmares, and the fear that she will once again find herself staring in to the face of danger. Savannah shuts herself away from the outside world. In the process pushing away the man she loves and her closest friends. Praying on her weakness, two unlikely people will come together. With the sole purpose of separating Savannah and Kayden when their relationship is on shaky ground. 

With past secrets exposed, exes causing trouble and lovers from the past offering comfort. Will Savannah and Kayden be torn apart for good? Or will their indestructible love for one another be strong enough to withstand the storms coming their way? 

I have a treat for all of you! Here is an excerpt from Indestructible Desire:
Kayden flashes an impish grin at me as he stands, and takes me hand pulling me to my feet. “You’re just full of surprises tonight.” I finally say as the shock slowly begins to wear off.

“That. I. Am. Now blow out your candles and make a wish!” Slapping me on the butt playfully Kayden steps back, giving me room to stand in front of my cake.

Closing my eyes I take in a deep breath, and blow out my candles. Making my wish, I stand up and happily except all the birthday wishes and hugs from everyone.

“Now let’s get this party started!” I shout out tossing back a shot of whiskey. “Let’s make my first night being twenty five, the most kick ass night of my life!” 

Wanna read more? You can purchase your own copy from Barnes & Noble, Amazon (US), Amazon (UK), or Smashwords

Author Bio:
Danielle Jamie

I am 28 and a mother of 3 wonderful kids. Madison 9 Bailey 5 and Finn 2 years old. I run a successful online boutique, Bailey Booper’s Boutique; many of my items has been featured on Teen Mom 2.

I live in a small town in NY with my husband of 10 years, enjoying my happily ever after. My perfect day is spending time at the beach, I love the Ocean. I’m an outdoorsy type of girl; every chance I get I’m outside walking or running around with my kids.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember but I finally decide to peruse my dreams of sharing my stories with the world when I published my first novel, Irresistible Desire, back in March.


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